Writerchic6’s fanfiction recommendations!

These are all of my fanfic recommendations.  Feel free to read my stuff and my fave fics.  Just read your favorite pairing or all of it.  I hope you enjoy! You can also go to my FF.net page

the single asterix (*) is for the stories I’m currently reading

the double asterix (**) is for the stories that I think are exceptionally good/ I have read multiple times

My fanfiction:

Most popular story!Obligatory Vow (snk/attack on titan Rivamika multi-chap) 

Harsh Reality (snk/attack on titan Levihan one-shot)

 A Chance Meeting, Grim Realizations (snk/attack on titan Rivamika one-shot)

A Corporal’s Smile (snk/attack on titan Levihan one-shot)

Table for Two (a Fullmetal Alchemist/ Royai one-shot)

Silence and the Rain (a Legend of Korra/Tahnorra fic)

The Half Blood Prince’s Secret (a Harry Potter/Lily and Severus fic)

Chapter 2 of Obligatory Vow has been posted, chapter 3 is WIP

Rec’s master post/review of fave fics.  READ THIS IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD FICS.


Meistermustang’s Royai Fic Recs

Poppy-oswald Whouffle fic recs

An entire blog dedicated to Whouffle fanfics!

My fave fanfics (by fandom):

Kyoukai no Kanata (all are Mirai x Akihito fics)

                         -Unpleasant by taylortot  (**)

                         -Consumed by taylortot (**)

                         -Guilty Pleasure by taylortot 

      Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan (all are Rivamika fics)

                         -Duclet by TanksAndHeals (norichuu on tumblr) (**)

                         -Thunder Clouds by Midori Aoi (k-lionheart on tumblr) (**)

                         -Checkmate by Mika60

                         -En Passant by Mika60

                         -Chaleur by Mika60 (**)

                         -Strawberry  by StormyInk (**)

                         -Subtle Unraveling  by StormyInk 

                         -The Corporal’s Words  by Digibear

     Black Butler (all are fem!Ciel x Sebastain fics)

                         -A Contract of Vengeance by Aurelie Viatcza (**)

                         -Desirs Noires by MisseditbyThatMuch

      Fullmetal Alchemist (all are royai fics) 

                           -Safeguard by taylortot124 (*,**)

                           -Best Kept Secret by MoonStarDutchess (*,**!)

                           -Vacuous Heart of Blood by MoonStarDutchess (*,**!)

                           -The Flame Alchemist’s Lieutenant by Eli White

                           -The Golden Bird by Eli White

                           -Wrath by Minerva Aemilius (*,**)

                           -The Concupiscence Conjectures by yurtletheturtle (**)

    Doctor Who (all are whouffle/ Clara x the Eleventh Doctor)

                           -Saint Valentine by clara-oswald-the-impossble-girl  

                           - I’m the Boss by ohthestuffoflegends

             see more Whouffle fanfic rec’s by poppy-oswald here

             see more fanfics by Clara-oswald-the-impossible-girl here

     Harry Potter    

                           -Undesired Love Severus & Hermione by Sev’sgirl17  (Severus and Hermione)

                           -The Spy Who Loved Me by Penelope Lane  (Severus and Hermione)

                           -Lily and the Halfblood Prince by greeneyes117 (Lily and Severus)

                           -The Inquisitor’s Son by jinxdoll  (Dramione)

                           -A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by Countless of Abe (Dramione)

    Hunger Games 

                        -Starcrossed Lovers by ironbutterfly25 (Katniss and Gale)

    Avatar: the Last Airbender (Zutara fics)

                        -Stormbenders by Fandomme (**)

                        -The Hunter and the Prey by RedNovember  (**)

    Batman (CatwomanxBatman fics)

                        -Something Else by Jason Thompson (**)

                        -A Cat’s Grinning Corpse by cutecomicgeek (**)

                        -Taking This One To The Grave by ccootttt (**)

                        -A Kiss With A Fist by ccoootttt (**)

    Code Lyoko (OddxAelita fics)

                       -Best Friends Untill the End by EternalEmotions107

                       -Code Lyoko: High School Battles by Noble Scotsman

                       -School of Heroes by Noble Scotsman

                       -Code Lyoko Destinies Realized by PurpleSatinRose

                       -Code Lyoko: New Beginnings by J-Rod67

    Legend of Korra (Tahnorra fics)

                       -Secrets by moodiful819

                       -A Real Pro by tranquil-resonance (**)